Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lessons I Learned from my Mother

1. If you can do it today, why delay it 'till tomorrow?  Life is too short to be wasted. Tomorrow is another day to explore. Life has a way of accumulating tasks and  things to do, so to make it easier to bear, do what you can in a day, after all, we don't know what tomorrow entails.

2. Always look for the positive side in every aspect of the situation. I have always been a pessimist to the bone (maybe, you can include my marrow just to be sure). Inquisitive and at times whiner, I always have something to say because I find it crucial to always voice out my opinion, mostly negative ones.

Her? She always have something good to say about everything. She sheds light to my darkened vision of things. She opens my eyes of the facts of life, of why things happen when they happen. There's a reason for everything. And you know what? I believe her.

3. There are three ways to know a persons' personality: When they're angry, when they're drunk, and when they don't have money. With these things, she said, the real person comes out. Their true color shows. I have seen quite a few of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde myself, and I didn't like what I saw under those circumstances.

4. Be a friend to everyone. For the good it does to me, I find that hard to follow. How can I be a friend when the person itself is a pest? Life is easier to live with when you are an enemy to no one. That's what she told me, and she does it graciously! In my younger days, I have seen her wave her hands to people in every direction like a politician running for election. She has friends in every walks of life and almost everyone comes to her for advice.

5. Never burn bridges. It's old, and it's common, but she's never wrong when she told me that. You'll never know when you are going to cross it again.

6. Always be thankful for everything. Be it the good and the bad things that come into your life. These things will mold your character. The outcome depends on how you receive these challenges in your life.

7. Be kind. Even when you wake up at the wrong side of the bed, instead of going out and be a bitch, be kind anyway. Always have that kind heart that is willing to help. She says, there are times that she's angry with somebody because they are rude to her, she tells herself that she's going to be kind anyway, maybe they're just having a bad day, and an extra mile on her part might help.

8. Don't dwell in the past. She's right. You can never bring it back to correct it, but you can always move forward and make new things. Make good memories. I live my world backwards, and moving forward is hard without me dragging along my excess baggage, but somehow I slowly dropped those baggage one by one, making my burdens easier to carry along the way.

9. Help. I always question her about this one. Why help even if the person doesn't deserve to be helped at? She says that, why deny something when you can give it freely? Help, so can never regret later on when everything fails. You can always say that you did your part. Help, with a light heart. I would think that my mom would be close to sainthood on this one.

10. Have the zest for life. After all, we have only but one life to live. Why waste it for sorrow and whatnot's? Day after day, even when we are dead tired from walking or whatever we did that day. She always have time to laugh, and mind you, it's a hearty one. I can still hear that laugh of hers ringing in my ears and never fails to draw a smile on my lips.

The list could go on, but I took the liberty of putting into words those that count the most. Letting the world know about those things that I learned, to make it timeless. That nothing is forgotten.

Happy Mother's Day GG!

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