Friday, July 6, 2012

Taking Off

I can't believe that the day will come that I will have to leave this country to be with my family. Real family. I used to look into the sky whenever I see an airplane pass by, envying the people that are leaving. Now, it's almost my turn. I can feel it.

Am I ready to take-off? I don't know. I do know that I look forward to the new opportunities that I am going to encounter. I also know that I am afraid, but I have to take risks. That feeling fear is normal because I am going to move away from my somewhat comfort zone.

There will be many memories that I have to bring along with me. There are plenty of sad stories and bad memories to let go, and too many good ones to cherish.

I hope that when the time comes that I will have to leave, aboard that plane I will cast away everything that worries me, leave anything that hurt me, and forgive the things that stagnates me.

When I arrive to my destination, I want it to be a clean slate. A fresh start, a new chance, and a positive vibe. Hard as it may seem, but I am looking forward to that.



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