Thursday, March 29, 2012

Room in Ruins

I think my child is out to get me. He drives me crazy as much as I love him to bits! My partner is the same, they must have talked about this stuff when I am out.

No matter how much time and effort I put in organizing our room, it ends up to its DISORGANIZED state EVERY DAY!

They must have a mind of their own.

Our closet

1. I take the time to arrange this on a daily basis, but my partner just pull whatever it is that he needs and he DOESN'T arrange them back! UGHHHHHHH!

What do you say about this?

2. Courtesy of my partner, he only needs to get the deodorant, so tell me, how did he do it to make it look this way? Tell me?

The other culprit

3. Now this one here is another story, since he is a little child, can't express himself in a way that is comprehensible to me, he in return will throw away things on the floor or whatever that takes his fancy.

I am filled with a day full of pick-me-ups, pick-this-up and pick-that-up things, toys and whatevers. 
The toy drop

Carrying my tool box with my DMC threads

Walking along

Deciding to stay in one corner

There goes my DMC threads..sigh

Okay, I'm gonna leave you guys for a moment. I have a room to clean after. 

1 comment:

  1. spending time with a growing child is golden. ... time will always pass away...enjoy the day he will be taller than you ...and you might wish ... if only you could go back in time and enjoy the moment when he was little...things I never had the chance to do what you did today...



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