Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tickle your taste buds - Kare-Kare

Photo Credits from Kamayan

Living in Pampanga for the past two years has had a great effect on my diet. This is because a lot of them are such good cooks that you just can't resist to try something new to you.

Coming from Mindanao and a fan of veggies, certainly coming here was drastic since the place I live in doesn't really favor eating leafy greens. But I can't complain.

My partner's father cooks the most delectable Kare-Kare for my palate.

He cooks this pork hind/front legs into this tenderness that it almost melts in your mouth, it has peanut sauce, vegetables, and shrimp paste. Mouth-watering. Just Yum!

Spoiler: It's not advisable to eat it all you can.

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