Monday, April 2, 2012

Tickle Your Taste Buds - Pork Nilaga

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One of easiest recipes I learned to cook was the Pork Nilaga (Boiled Pork). It is one of the good food being cooked anywhere in the Philippines.

Yesterday had me craving for it so I cooked it for my partner and kid. I am glad my baby liked it, although I only fed him a piece of the potato and soup.

I am in the mood of sharing my favorite food so I will let you in my 'secret' recipe(smile).

Pork Nilaga Recipe

Serves 4-6 persons and takes 45 minutes -1 hour to prepare.


1 kg Pork Bones (Or any bony part of meat of your choice) cut into serving pieces
1 medium onion, sliced
2 pcs. tomatoes, sliced
1 inch ginger, sliced lengthwise
2 Liters of water
2 Large potatoes, peeled and quartered
1 Chinese Pechay/Wombok, cut accordingly
Lemon Grass 
Salt to taste

This serves 4-6 persons.

Cooking Instructions

Boil water in a casserole and place the pork meat or bones and bring it to boil. Remove water, drain the meat and clean the meat residue in the casserole.  (I do this to remove some of the oily parts of the meat)

Place pork with 2 liters of water and boil. Once boiling, put in the onions, ginger, tomatoes, and leave it for 30 minutes until the meat is tender.

Add the lemon grass, and potatoes. Add salt to taste.

Add Chinese pechay and cook it for about 3 minutes.

Serve hot.

Good to eat when the weather is cold. Heaven.

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