Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011: What has been

Few days short before 2012, I took the time to look back of what has happened in my life in the year 2011. I can say it was quite a handful and not all of them pleasant.

For the year 2011;

- I almost died in C-Section,
- I delivered my son in this world on February.
- I experienced the postpartum depression, and boy it was depressing...IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!
- Being a first time mom, I got a little overwhelmed, overprotective, manic, tensed every time my baby cries, wakes and whatever. That resulted to my fake SIL's tantrum and whatnots. Delivering a deadly blow to my ego, crushing my person with her fake stories, did a text brigade to every single relative she has just to destroy me...
- We moved in a boarding room, my partner and I with our son
- Sunk down low into a really bad depression episode
- Started working in oDesk with a friend
- Missed a working opportunity in oDesk with a friend
- I realized that I am just a talentless person in this world who thinks that she is special
- My turn to wait has turned to wait, yet again...
- I lost friends, so-called friends, best friends this year all to undefined reasons
- I figured I can never really write anything good. In short I suck at it
- I started my micro business, until now it still is MICRO
- I realized that I have a good hand in keeping money stable, if I really focused on it (wink)
- I realized that I neglected myself too much; that I allowed other people to step on me and take me for granted
- I see myself alone (without a partner is what I'm saying) in the future, with my son perhaps, but not with someone intimate, I think that's not for me. 

The list could go on, maybe I'll add something from time to time if I remember them, but I'll make one thing for sure, everything will change when 2012 comes.

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