Friday, December 9, 2011

A kiss from a stranger

I was at the NBI in Central Luzon the other day. While waiting for my number to be called, I sat beside a petite woman who was very friendly. She's giving off a light vibe that would make you at ease immediately. Even I, who is a suspicious person was immediately felt a liking towards her.

We talked about common topics, starting with the common ground, the NBI documents, and before we knew it, she started talking about her family, and surprisingly, I even opened up about myself and my experiences. We shared good laughs. It feels like I have known her for a long time rather than a few hours.

When our numbers were called, we changed seats making us sit with different people, but still she turn towards me to ask if I was okay, then she proceeded with her usual self, talked to the lady seated beside her, and the lady responds to her the same way I did earlier!

I envied her friendliness and familiarity with people. It is one thing that I don't have with myself. To be that trusting and open. To be friendly and open to small talk or any talk for that matter.

When we were done with everything, I even waited on her after she got her clearance. She asked me if I wanted her to wait with me, I was waiting for my son's grandparents to arrive. I just told her that it's ok and said that she can go.

She said her goodbyes after we exchanged phone numbers, and then she kissed me goodbye, like I was an old friend.

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