Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Merry Christmas no more?

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I am saddened to read every where in FB that they have to censor themselves in greeting people MERRY CHRISTMAS for fear of offending somebody. I cannot imagine not being able to greet anyone MERRY CHRISTMAS! in high spirits. Friends or not, all people alike, you greet, you smile, they greet and smile back at you.

Even the non-Christians who doesn't celebrate Christmas doesn't make it an issue and still wishes you a MERRY CHRISTMAS in same merry spirits people are in.

I wonder if one day I would get fined, or jailed for just saying so. That would be the day. One thing for sure though, I won't change that. I can respect other religion and beliefs, I don't ask them to change theirs because I might be offended. They can celebrate their own beliefs and I can enjoy with them, for most of them that I know, they celebrate with mine without problems. I wish that we can go back into that time when there are no complications. If there is one thing during the holidays, it is to be merry, to share, to unite.

What is offensive about saying CHRIST? None. I can deal with the hypocrites. They asked us not to wish them a MERRY CHRISTMAS because of Christ, were we asked what we think about doing such a thing? Because taking out Christ in Christmas is offensive to us Christians. Too much for me, and I am not a religious person.


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