Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Sure, I am not perfect, and I am not sculpted accordingly to the worlds standards of women (according to the fashionists). Yet I am created to perfection according to God. His own will and for His own pleasure.

Other people treat me like a princess, others with sheer respect and gentleness... other don't. They just..neglect me. Why? because I love them so that they want to take advantage of it. Sige lang. okay lang. Ayoko sana magpakamartyr kasi naman namamatay eh. Huh..some people are just mere opportunists who wants to take advantage of what was little left of other peoples self-esteem. Ganun na nga...

I am good, I am sensible, I am created to please. If you cannot appreciate me then let me go in the same condition you got me. Not a broken and torn to pieces kinda thingy.

I am a woman to love, you'll see, when you let me go you will realize what I am to you. When I decide to leave, you will know what you have lost...

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