Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Disclaimer: This article is not meant to hurt or insult any men out there who get their hands on this. This is based on actual notions from women who think that men stink at times.

I have been in and out of love several times in my adolescent life. No matter how broken I became in each relationship, I never had any prejudiced thoughts on men. Maybe because I tend to understand how and why they act the way they do. And believe me, it’s not easy as believing what they say they are, yet they are not even close to how complicated a woman can get. Sure we hear a lot of men who say, “Man, I will never be able to understand women.” Hey guys, so are we. We girls try so hard to figure you out.

Most men say; women can never really make up their minds, and they think we are much more complicated than their Algebra class. Sure, we do a lot of changing, but one thing, we know what we want and we tend to let you know about it.

People I know complain about almost the same things over and over again.

Let me cite an example: a friend of mine seems to like this person, and he happens to be close to her and they are on getting to know each others stages. She knows for a fact that ”he” happens to have a liking for her; she simply went with the flow, as she says they like each other. But what makes her frustrated is that when she tries to make healthy flirty advances towards him (in which they do a lot), he turns his back. She says, “if he doesn’t want me to do things like I did, it’s better if he says something about it than lead me on. He never promised nor gave me any assurance that there is “us”, I just assumed the thing between us”. We know too, that men at times don’t like women who tend to be so aggressive; we are just trying to be true to ourselves.

There was this other instance somebody I knew told me; “I should never have done that, if only I were more compelling and responded to what she had offered, she might still be around.” What his fault was: The girl of his dreams just walked out of his life just because she thought that the beau she was digging for was not interested. He put her off when she tried to say something that signified her feelings for him. You know why? He was so damn afraid of accepting the fact that he too was falling for her and he couldn’t stand to risk because he might lose. There is nothing much to it really.

Don’t ever think that we women can’t take hints and signs; we know better. Sure, we would be hurt if you turn us down, but we won’t be that bruised. What we are asking is for you to be open towards how you feel about us. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to say that you want us only to be friends, that you don’t want any serious relationships, we would understand. What’s hard with us is that we spill the beans and we know that you have a deep feeling to pick those beans up, but you just wouldn’t. And we think this is a stupid thing. You have to give your share of letting us know where we stand; we want roles defined. We can’t simply go on babbling without knowing if that is what you want. So you better tell us soon if you are interested so we don’t come off as being annoying. Let us know if you want us to keep our feet off, we don’t want to step on your grass.

The more you open up, the better we can understand you.

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