Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Who Is He?

No doubt, I am in love, and I am happy about “us”. Yet how can someone who says she is happy and still feel pain at the same time?

Happy in the sense that no man has ever touch the core of me like he did. When he came into my life everything was just plain and gray, now, he put all those lively colors and brought life to into my sad eyes. He shed light to my darkened alleys, sunrise to my mornings, even moonlight to my dark, gloomy nights.

He loves me without conditions, accepted me without hesitations and embraces all of me with great conviction and beyond reason. What more could I ask for? I suppose there is none. But it’s hypocrisy to say so because there is one. Him. I want him. All of him.

It pains me to know that I can share my life with him and his to mine, yet we cannot be together…as of the moment anyway. He is close to me yet so far. It is like reaching out your hand to clasp his, only there is an invisible glass in-between.

He, the man who made me smile, laugh and cry. He, who made me sing even the odd melodies and out of tune and out of line, he, who made me go on and strive.

He. Who is he? He is the one I will give anything just to spend my lifetime with.

He is the one I chose to fall in love with and allowed to take off all of my masks. I made him see the real me.

I took such risk of loving someone without even knowing where it will lead. I hope that today is the tomorrow that I want to see.

The day that he can forever be with me.

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