Monday, November 15, 2010

Jesus At Work

Isn't Kermit a cutie?

How about that baby boy thing? My little man would be proud

Look who's here for a dip?

Can't wait to try it on to my baby, all those mittens, and booties...

To others, it may be little things, but it truly matters to me and my partner since we can't afford it at the moment. Truly THANK YOU.
Miracles happen every single day. Today, I happen to received it in great abundance that I was ecstatic with profound joy. It's my greatest birthday present ever.

Just yesterday I was worried on where to get all the funds for my child's things, and although I never asked for this, God gave it to me, and believe it or not, He gave me every single thing that I listed on that piece of paper. God truly hears the song inside your heart. He will give you what you need and not what you want.

I am grateful for these people out there to help us start our little family, aherm, extending our family.

Thank You Lord.

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