Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pet Peeves

Inspired by Rexxa's article, I thought about my own pet peeves, realizing that I have tons in my head and there's just too many that annoys me. I think I am a control freak.

Here goes.

- People who chew their food too loud.
- Farting without excusing themselves.
- People who talks too loud as if the one they're talking to is at the other side of the mountain. *sigh
- People who thinks they know it all.
- People who moves too slow (not including the old people ok?)
- People who procrastinates when they can do everything today.
- Chronic Whiner
- People who nags
- People who picks their nose in front of you(duh!!!!)
- Doesn't say thank you or please and have a great sense of entitlement (puhleasseeeee)
- Too many flowery words when they speak. Why not try this; Get to the point? Anyone?
- Backstabbers
- Txt wrtng! And still have the nerve to ask you why is it difficult to spell...

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