Friday, November 11, 2011

raising kids

Seeing this picture made me look upon myself. The texts in this image are nice and wonderful, but instilling these kinds of values in children is challenging. I applaud the mother's who raised fine children of this stature. When we meet this kind of woman today, we view it as a rare display of values, integrity, self-confidence; a healthy self-image.
A year ago, I was single person (no attachments whatsoever!), committed to a relationship and loving it. I didn't entertain the idea of having kids, thus being protected. For some reason, the One who keeps the ball rolling have other ideas in mind and I got pregnant. 9 months after, now I am caring and raising a son. It is my turn to take up the challenge in raising him to be that kind of man that treats women with all these noble values. I hope I am up for it.

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